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Polished Cementitious Topping and Decorative Floors

Polished Cementitious Topping and Decorative Floors

Product Recommendation - Polished Cementitious Topping and Decorative Floors

Epontcrete EP5 Primer

Two Components water based high build epoxy primer for cementitious underlayment and topping.


Epontcrete CM50

An advanced hydraulic cement-based, self-leveling topping and resurfacer that can be used for both indoor and outdoor application, it is specially designed for polishing and decorative flooring system.


Epontcrete CM15

Epontcrete CM15 is a single component cementitious powder filler to be mixed with water for patching up tinny holes of grinded concrete floors.


Epontcrete 185

A quick dry solvent based indoor application stain for concrete surfaces.


Epontcrete DC62

A blended silicate liquid hardener and densifier for concrete polishing floors, it reacts with concrete to produce insoluble calcium silicate hydrate within in the concrete pores and increase the hardness of concrete floors.


Epontcrete DC68

Water based, blended silicate polymer clear coat for protection of decorative concrete polished floors, giving hard and glossy finish and long lasting protection.