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Clean Room and ESD Floors

Clean Rooms

The requirements of coatings for wall, ceiling and floor of clean rooms getting stringent as the standard of electronic and medical care technologies are higher. The coating is to be low VOC, contamination free and low particles emission from coating.

Solvent Free Water Based Epoxy Floor and Wall Coating Systems


Solvent Free Self-Smoothing Epoxy Coating Systems


Electrostatic Dissipative Floors (ESD)

Static charge can damage electronic products and ignite flammable solvents to cause fire or explosion, harming human being and destroying properties. Electronic equipments and chips are very sensitive to static charges during production process. Therefore, the production floor must be able to discharge electro-static-charges, call ESD (Electro-Static-Dissipative), in order to ensure safety of work and protection of properties.

Solvent Free Conductive Epoxy Coating Systems


Solvent Free Anti-Static Epoxy Coating Systems