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Seamless Industrial & Commercial Flooring

Commercial and Residential

The combination of colour, glossiness, design and functionality of our products transform any concrete surface into a visually appealing, long lasting decorative floor. Both our resin and cement based decorative flooring are ideal for domestic, commercial and public areas, giving a smooth seamless finished floor with hard wearing surface, beautiful, good physical strength and chemical resistance property.

Resin Flooring

Our resin based seamless flooring is ideal for both commercial and public areas flooring. Attractive resin flooring similar to natural granite, colour quartz and terrazzo floor are available.

Solvent Free Self-Smoothing Epoxy Floor Coating Systems


UV Stable Epoxy Colour Flake and Quartz Coating Systems


Polished Epoxy Terrazzo Flooring


Aliphatic Polyurethane Colour Flake and Quartz Coating Systems


Decorative Cementitious and Polished Concrete Flooring

Use modern technology to transform any dull concretes surface into visually appealing, durable decorative floor. Our innovative surface treatment technology provides multiple colours hard wearing, permanent and no peeling off flooring.

Self-Leveling Cementitious Underlayment


Polished Cementitious Topping and Decorative Floors


Acrylic Polymer Cementitious Coating for Concrete Floors