Flooring and wall coating solutions for industrial, commercial, public facilities and residential areas.

We are one of the leading Industrial Flooring service provider in Singapore. Durable, hardwearing and chemical resistant Epoxy Flooring are suitable for a wide of range of industrial applications.

Resin based decorative flooring products for the application on commercial areas.

Decorative cementitious flooring products are able to transform a boring concrete surface to attractive, colourful and pattern design decorative floor finish for both commercial and residential areas.

The HACCP certified food safety system for epoxy and urethane coatings to service food and beverage industries ,the area required high standard of hygiene.

A wide range of epoxy and polyurethane coating systems to apply on exposed deck, intermediate deck and the bottom basement of multi-storey cark parks.

Solvent free crack bridging protective polyurethane floor coating provides waterproofed floor for wet area.

Dust proofing and floor treatment materials including liquid floor hardener, sealers and densifiers for concrete polishing.

Cementitious decorative flooring system provides excellent adhesion to concrete substrates on long exposure to rain and shine conditions.

Epoxy based and Polyurethane wall coatings for both Industrial and commercial environments.

The combination of colour, glossiness, design and functionality of our products transform any concrete surface into a visually appealing, long lasting both interior and exterior decorative floors and walls.